Body cream

It's with Coco's precious help that I begin my adventures in home made cosmetics.
I started making cold process soaps a while ago and now I really want a body cream, because it's winter and my skin is very dry and definitely needs some looking after.

Here is my recipe , feel free to make this cream changing the butters and oils to your taste.
Please remember to sterilize all your accessories and table top as well as washing your hands before starting !

For 100g of cream :

  • 15% of mango butter (15g)
  • 5% of avocado oil (5g)
  • 5% of almond oil (5g)
  • 8% of emulsifier , I use Olive douceur (8g)
  • 66,4% of distilled water (66,4g)
  • 0,6% of preservative Gosgard (0,6g)

I also added a few drops of my favorite essentiel oil : Fragonia

Using the One Pot method, this makes a perfect recipe for beginners
Add every ingredients in a double boiler apart from the preservative and essentiel oil.
Let it melt and stir lightly. Once it's all melted , take off the bain-marie and whisk for 3 minutes. Then put your mixture in a cold bain-marie and whisk for another 3 minutes. Add the preservative and stir well then add your fragrance and stir well. To give it a final touch stir gently using a spatula.
Pour your cream into a clean jar and congratulate yourself, you're even allowed to do a little happy dance !

3 commentaires:

  1. Merci pour ton gentil message. Ta creme doit sentir bon

  2. je la recommande , elle est top !